meditation 20-minutes-before-sunrise.png

There is one thing that I do every morning that has dramatically changed the current of my days.


For years I would meditate here and there. Whenever. Sometimes.

My morning routine used to be - get up, drink water, make tea, check email, stare at smartphone, stare at computer, get kids off to school, stare at computer some more...then get some type of workout in, stare at computer again, dinner, life and then meditate before bed...sometimes. But recently, I started meditating every morning with the sunrise. What I didn't realize was how much it had transformed my life. It wasn't until I missed a morning that it occurred to me just how much the change had made. This may sound silly to those who don't subscribe to the benefits of meditation but there is definitely something to all that science out there that says meditation can improve your life by way of lowering stress and anxiety, aiding focus and overall well being.

I didn't obsess all day about it but I did notice the difference. Meditation has made my decision making and thought processes clearer, more organized. I don't feel as stressed out about things I can't change. I deal with the everyday a lot better. I am becoming more focused. And sure.

So now, no matter where I am in the world, I will set my alarm to twenty minutes before sunrise. There is nothing quite like the peace it brings over my entire day.