Creating a theme for your party can be a piece of cake!

If you could only make one design choice to add a themed element to your 

child's birthday party or big event, 

what would it be?

Tangled Disney Princess cake

"Tangled" cake" - perfect for the princess party

Balloons, Plates and napkins, the invitations, loot bags, music, costumes?

Western Cowboy cake

Western Cowboy Cake

For me, it would be cake. Hands down.

MARIO themed birthday 1.jpg

Super Mario themed cake

Nothing makes a statement quite like a theme inspired cake sitting front and centre on display. 

I have noticed at parties that I have both attended and have planned, that a well planned, well placed cake can get guests super excited and set the stage for a fantastic event.

Optimus Prime "Transformers" themed cake

Now would we ever stop at just one choice when planning a themed party? Of course not.

BMO Adventuretime cake

The character "BMO" from Adventure Time made for a great centrepiece!

But you could.

A castle for a princess party

You can make almost anything out of cake. And you can add cupcakes, cake pops and even themed cookies to be enjoyed at the party or given away as a favour!

Boutique wedding dress cake

A boutique wedding dress cake for a bridal shower

Suitcase destination wedding cake

Here's a fun idea to celebrate an upcoming destination wedding!