Mother's Day Cupcake Idea

Here's a cool idea for a Mother's Day treat that is super quick and easy!

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My take on Hydrangea inspired cupcakes

These "flower top" cupcakes have been one of my most popular. They are versatile and can be used for so many special occasions. It has been very popular for baby showers. I thought they would be a great idea for Mother's Day because they are so pretty and if you use icing that is two toned, it can really resemble a Hydrangea flower.

You will need:

Prepared cupcakes, baked and ready to ice.

Buttercream icing. 

A Wilton "2D" icing tip.

Decorating/Icing bag.

Coupler for decorating bag if required. (I usually don't use one)

  • After you have baked your cupcakes allow them to cool completely. This is important. If the cupcakes are warm, the icing will melt and slide off.

  • Put your icing tip inside your icing bag. If you are using disposable bags you will need to cut the tip off the end of the bag. For a snug fit, cut the tip on a diagonal.

  • Fill your icing bag with buttercream icing.

Starting in the centre of the cupcake:

  • place tip on cupcake

  • squeeze icing out while at the same time pulling away from the cupcake

  • stop pressure on the icing bag at the top of the stroke

1) Tip down - apply pressure

2) Pull up - continue pressure

3) Stop - release pressure

Continue doing this until you have covered the entire surface You may want to practice a few on a piece of parchment paper first to get the feel for it.

I think you will find that this cupcake idea is a quick and easy way to make a big impression on Mom this year and a fantabulous way to say I Love You!

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