Full Body Workout | Kettle bells and battle ropes

Some time ago, I lost almost 100lbs by eating a diet of whole foods and by doing mostly strength training and metabolic conditioning.

I wasn't overweight my entire life but I did become obese after many children, depression and after forming some unhealthy habits. I enjoyed my new body and my new mindset for awhile without much effort. This had become my way of life. Lifestyle. But then I became ill. For almost two years. I had become extremely anemic. It was crippling.

At first, I tried to eat my way out of it because I didn't want to take anything prescribed. Then I agreed to an iron supplement which was quickly doubled and paired up with B-12 shots and then supplementation. When this didn't work either, I finally gave in and had four infusions at the hospital. I was finally on the road to recovery.But I had also gained about 30lbs.And it was mostly around my mid section and arms. Ms. Estrogen really likes to plant herself there and she is one of those guests that won't leave the party after she's been asked to go. You literally have to force her out.

So that is what this series is about. It's about my journey back to being super healthy, lean and vibrant. I truly believe we can do anything we put our mind to.