I think they turned out really well and I'm pretty sure that I can find a few more kiddos to do this craft with!  ;) Over the years my favourite gifts from my children have been the handmade keepsake ones.

I previously featured this super cute Christmas craft in my 10 Handy Christmas Crafts for Kids post which featured Christmas craft ideas from Pinterest. And this Christmas I finally got to do these snowman ornaments made with my neighbours kids help!


I think these are adorable. They all turned out a little different and believe it or not the little guy (he's 2, his brother is 4) was a little reluctant to squish paint all over the ornament, lol. But we had fun and it was easy. It takes just the right amount of time to keep the kiddos interested and all of the details can be done in very little time after the "snowmen" have dried.

To get started you will need some ornaments, acrylic craft paint, a paper plate and a willing hand or two!


Put a little white paint on a plate and get a little paint on their hand. You could also just apply some paint on their hands with a craft brush but I wanted to see if could make a mess 


Have the child grip the ornament. I recommend showing them what they are going to do BEFORE you put the paint on. If the child is not too willing to put their hand around the ornament just cup your hand around theirs and put a little pressure. Take their hand away and...


There you go! Now just let it dry before adding any details. At this point I left them on a crinkled up plastic bag.

I added the typical snowman buttons, nose, hat and some other small things.

And of course I chose to do this craft with two small wonders with very long names.


It was a challenge but I realized after the ball rolled on me a few times that I needed to stabilize them. I used a drink tray from our coffee! You could also use an egg carton.

I think they turned out really well and I'm pretty sure that I can find a few more kiddos to do this craft with!  ;)