Decorated sugar cookies are a fun and easy way to personalize your party or event.

Halloween sugar cookies

If you have ever wanted to try it for yourself take a look at these easy instructions and the video below. It's an awesome way to really wow your guests and impress your friends and family!

Kids LOVE to decorate sugar cookies because it's a smaller project and will endure any amount of "breaks" needed. It will surely turn into an afternoon of fun for the whole family.

You can make these ahead of time. Once bagged or wrapped they will keep for a couple of weeks.


  • baked sugar cookies

  • the cookie cutters you used to make the cookies

  • fondant (I personally love Satin Ice)

  • food colouring (buy the gels/paste - Wilton, Americolor)

  • a rolling pin

  • a fondant smoother

  • small cup

  • small art paintbrush (not Previously used for anything but food items!)

  • corn starch, confectioners sugar or shortening

  • and a little imagination!


  1. First, you need to prepare the fondant. It's important to knead the fondant to get it soft and workable. Colour a few portions with your desired colours.

  2. Let's start! Place a little bit of corn starch, confectioners sugar on the counter. You can also use shortening. Roll out your fondant so it is smooth and equal thickness. You don't want it to be too thick, remember you will be eating this with the sugar cookie.

  3. Now place your cookie cutter over the fondant and press down firmly. Remove excess fondant.

  4. With your artist's brush put a small amount of water on the top of the cookie.

  5. Carefully lift you fondant off the counter and place it over the cookie, matching the shape of the fondant to the cookie.

  6. Smooth with your fondant smoother. Let the cookie dry overnight.


You can add more fondant, draw on them with edible marker or pipe on designs with royal icing.

A few tips:

* If the fondant is sticking to your hands, put a little shortening on your finger tip then rub on your palms.

*Wear gloves (non-latex, powder free is best) if you don't want to colour your skin as well.

*Place plastic wrap over the cut fondant so it doesn't dry out.

Use your imagination and get creative. If you think you need to change something don't worry! Just take the fondant off while it is still soft and apply a new piece. Not sure what to do or how you want them to look? Browse the internet for ideas and use them for inspiration.