Okay, I'm imagining fierceness right now. Just reading that title has me fired up.

It's Monday. New week. New mantra. New resolve. We're gonna get out there and kick some behind!

But hang on...what's with all the Facebook posts? Ugh it's Monday again? The only thing wrong with my Sunday is that it's Monday? Don't talk to me until I've had my coffee? 

Rewind...that last one may be fair...ya'll might just need a minute...

Listen, not everyone is going to feel like jumping out of bed and conquering the world every single day. But if you're doing it right, you should - most of the time. Notice how it seems to get easier on Thursday and Friday? Perspective my dear.

Here are the basics...


I know, I know. Everyone is talking about what way of eating is best. I'm not going to tell you what the best type of diet to eat is here, all I'm saying is to clean it up. I eat a whole food, plant based diet. The key for everyone is the whole foods part. Ditch the processed foods most of the time. Try that for three weeks and see how you feel. And don't discriminate. Carbs from plants are not your enemy. Processed carbs are. And drink more water. You're not going to feel worse. Promise.


No matter where you are in fitness. Move. This can mean walking if that's what you can do. Even if you're not there yet, still move. Move your arms, Tap your feet. Dance. Then the next day or week, do a little more. No time? Pishaw! While you're watching that TV show or YouTube video move a little. That's at least thirty minutes right there. Make it a ritual. Find a time that you can take ten minutes and do these three exercises: push ups, squats and bicycle crunches. 15 of each. Repeat. Just use your body weight. Exercise makes your brain release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. And those make you feel good. You may not think so at the time but it will catch up to you


Ahhhh.....sleep. As kids it's all...but I don't want to go to bed and then as adults it like...is it time for bed yet? Seriously though, it's super important to try and get that good, quality sleep every night. Mood enhancing, cortisol lowering, body repairing sleep. And there is some suggestion that the earlier, the better. Specifically ten o'clock. Those golden hours 10pm - 2am may just count for double. Turn off the tech, dim the lights, write down anything that is replaying in your mind just to get it out, get comfy. You might find it helpful to have a bedtime routine or ritual. See below. It may help.


Meditation. It's a thing. It's a real thing. If you're reading this and thinking that meditation is a silly, made up, woo woo, hippie, too feely thing...well, there's at least one dude sitting under a ficus tree who would disagree. Meditation can be very serious with chanting and ritual but it can also be sitting quietly for even 5 minutes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Oh, hello thoughts. I'll get back to you a little later. Breathe in. Breathe out. Meditation is not only for yogis and the spiritually elite. A regular practice will leave you sleeping better, more focused, happier and more loving...and lovable BEFORE your coffee to name a few.


Find the good. Even in the hardest times there is usually something to be grateful for. Maybe not in that actual situation but in something else. And if need be, let's be grateful for today. Living and breathing. The fact that we are still here means we have the gift of another day to do good with or make a change with. And lets not be so judgmental. Yes, some people are....difficult. But remember that we don't know what their last mile or fifteen looks like. No one is born hateful or racist or just plain difficult. Trust that there is a story. Should you have yourself subjected to that? No. You can choose to move away from it knowing it has nothing to do with you. Unless the person or situation is a result of something you did. Then you might want to clean that up. Just be a good person. A good human. And appreciate that in others. Look at the world and decide what your part is.

So, what you're trying to tell me is that all I have to do is eat well, exercise, get some sleep, introspect, be quiet and find a little love and gratitude in my heart and my life will be awesome. That's just silly.

No. It's not. It works.

Once you get yourself in order it starts to come together. You feel great. Your thoughts are clearer. You find focus. You start to get some great ideas. You start to feel motivated to act on those great ideas. You wake up excited to get going. You want more good vibes for yourself and everyone around you. You will be more productive, happier and all of the greatness that is within you will not be able to be contained.