It's almost time to start decorating for Christmas!!

I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait!

I'm still like a little kid when it comes to Christmas. I love the season - the music, the lights, the treats, the gift giving, the family and friends, the entertaining, the decorating, the movies and TV specials...all of it!

A few days after Halloween I start putting away the fall decorations, starting with Halloween and the last of the autumn ones by November 14th which happens to be my son's birthday. We celebrate his birthday and then BAM! Christmas goes into full swing the next day.

I have found a few new things that I'm going to pick up to add to our holiday festivities this year including these Santa Mugs from Pottery Barn. I used to have one like it as a child. It was my "Santa" mug that I left out for the jolly old elf with hot chocolate in it beside a plate of my grandmother's shortbread cookies and of course...a carrot for the reindeer! I cherish the memory so I think I will get a few sets and give one to each of my grandchildren on Christmas Eve as new tradition.

And of course it just wouldn't be the holidays without a little Christmas music playing in the background. I do love many of the newer versions played on the radio but nothing beats

Bing Crosby's Christmas album

. I had the record as a child and bought the CD as an adult. I do love me some Luther but 

Nat, Gene and Bing are classic.

Every year the big decision is the lights. I love twinklie white lights. But I also love jewel tones. I don't use the same look year after year. It depends on the mood I'm in. Some years I want a traditional and elegant look with white lights and silver accessories with some blue or soft green or even keeping it super Christmas-y with red and green. But there have been years that I get a little crazy and decide that I want the house to look like a gingerbread happened. 

I refer to these years as "kid themed". 

My family is very patient with me.....

No matter what the theme is when decorating I love a little whimsy. It doesn't mater how many years have passed. Christmas is magical. If you ever forget just look into a child's eyes and you'll see it. And although a

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

look at Christmas would be fun, your house doesn't have to look like it have a whimsical touch (but I'm thinking that would be a fun idea now?). A few ornaments on the tree, figures on a mantel, some fun table pieces or a cute cookie jar on the kitchen counter. Small touches here and there.

Over the holidays we have Christmas movies playing. There are so many great ones but one of our newer favourites is Elf. We never get tired of it. I created an 8 x 10 printable of one of the most popular quotes from the film that I framed and put out every year.

We wait until December 1st to get our tree. It is ALWAYS a real one. You can't beat the smell of a fresh cut tree at Christmas. I think this year though, we may suit up and go cut one down. We haven't done that in years but I think it would be a great time for the entire family! Perhaps I will bake treats and make hot chocolate with the grandkids before we go and make an afternoon of it. 

The little ones are only little for so long but if you do it right you can create the magic of Christmas that will live on with them forever