Lumberjack theme Tree Stump cake

What do you do on Valentine's Day when all the mushy, goopy, lovey dovey cupid arrows are not quite your thing?

You hold a Lumberjack Axe Throwing party.

That is exactly what my daughter Nicole did. My part was to come up with a cake that looked like a tree stump with an "old school" heart engraved on  top. Here's what happened.

Using three - six inch cakes, I stacked them and filled them with buttercream. After a crumb coat and a chill I added a few root shaped nubs made out of fondant and then gave it another thin layer of buttercream.

I made a wood grain top by cutting out a six inch diameter circle of fondant and using the Wilton shell tool made lines resembling wood grain. I then made a mixture of vanilla and brown food colouring to add detail to the grooves. I used an edible marker to write the "NG + DA" and the heart outline. Using a Wilton tool I pressed down over the design to make it look carved. I then went over it with a mixture of vanilla, brown and black food colouring and a tiny brush.

After placing the top piece on I rolled out and cut a brown piece of fondant to fit around the cake, approximately 18 x 6 inches. I normally drape the fondant over the cake and smooth it down but this called for a different approach. This time, I rolled the fondant up over my roller and placed it around the cake, meeting the sides of the fondant with the top piece. I just added a little water to help them fuse.

Once the fondant was secure and I was 95% sure it wasn't all going to come crashing down (come on now, I'm never 100%, there's always a nagging scary thought lurking back just never know, lol) I added a wood grain look to the fondant using a ball tool and the shell tool.

In the end, I think it all worked out pretty well. Her party was a success, my cake stayed standing