What can I say. Mario and Luigi have a big following in our house.

It seems like there is someone every year that wants some version of the Mario series presented in cake for their birthday. From super mushrooms to floating blocks to race cars. It never gets boring. 


This time the cake is three tier, based on the very popular Ninendo WiiU video game Mario Kart.


The base is a twelve inch cake board decorated with fondant. The bottom eight inch layer and top four inch layer are vanilla tie dye while the middle six inch is chocolate. 

The bottom layer was covered in sky blue fondant and decorated with features from the game. The middle was covered in yellow fondant. I then covered the bottom of it with a checker-board pattern by alternating  black and white squares. I covered the top in green fondant then placed a black circle of fondant on top. I then put a piece of green fondant, about an inch wide, around the top so that it resembled the warp pipes found throughout the game.

I think the adults were most excited about eating the cake. But what really does it for me is seeing the look on the kid’s faces.


And that is why I make cake.