Montreal Canadiens Cake

My latest cake is a Montreal Canadiens hockey themed cake. I really enjoyed making this one. It was one of those easy to do, simple lines and details kind of cakes. I used two nine inch chocolate cakes and vanilla buttercream. Everything was decorated using fondant. EVERYTHING.


The cake board was decorated to give the idea of an ice rink and the cake was first covered in black fondant as the base. The idea was for it to resemble a Habs hockey puck. I made the "C" ahead of time using a base layer of blue....

Then the white. I traced the shape of the blue base with parchment paper and an edible marker so that I could transfer the design onto the white layer and then cut inside the line. I decided to actually transfer that design onto a piece of plastic wrap so that I could get enough pressure, using a ball tool.


I did the same for the last red layer.

I then made a big white circle for the logo to sit on and placed everything on top of the cake.

I used my small alphabet set to make the happy birthday wishes.

Sometimes when I look at a design that I want to put on a cake or a cookie it can feel overwhelming. The trick is to break a design into it's parts and do one thing at a time.


Happy decorating!