Every now and then I sit back and take a look at where I'm at. In general. In doing this I can see what's serving me, where I can do better and what I might want to let go of.

This might get a little rant-ish.

Since I started blogging in 2011 I have had the tag line of - Be your best. Love your life. Do what matters. I still think these are important. But I realized that I have been boxing myself in a little. I have noticed that there is a lot all around social media about whether or not we are paying too close attention to numbers and likes and shares AND feeling the need to live up to some labels we or others have cast upon us. My son asked me, not too long ago, why I had a bird, a ghost, a computer screen, etc with my username after them. I had forgotten that I put all of those on my various social media bios so that, you know, I can be found. I took a look at my bios and realized that I had assigned all of these labels to my identify (mom, grandma, batman, badass..the usual).

This was further compounded when someone asked me why I don't bake anymore.

What? I don't bake? 

I do! But..not all the time, not everyday. There is SO much more to me, to my life and my interests than that.

I took a little break from filming and posting on any type of schedule to figure it out and really pay attention to my self care. Am I doing the best I can do?

So, I've started thinking about what I want this blog to evolve to. I want to inspire others to be everything that they are, just as I have been inspired. The content I'm putting out can't be just about baking and Christmas reindeer cookies. Because I am WAY more than that. My interests go further and my inspiration comes from so many different avenues. I like things to be pretty most of the time but sometimes I like things to be badass. I like things to be clean and organized but you better believe I can find exactly what I'm looking for in that neglected drawer or closet. I still bake and I love to create awesome treats but I also like green, fresh and healthy. I love being put together but some days I like to be in my sweats with my hair up in a messy bun. I like to eat vegan but my family eats meat. I love a loud party with all of our friends but I also like to curl up with my family on the couch with a hot cup of tea and a big bowl of popcorn. I meditate everyday and do yoga but I also lift heavy in the gym....oh, and I've decided I want to teach Zumba....and go back to school and visit more countries and....I could obviously go on but you get the point.

Be my best, Love my life. Do what matters. With a new spin... no labels, no limits.

Just possibilities.

Now excuse me while I go and add some labels to this post :)