Are you one...are you two...are you three....

With the whole Pokemon Go craze and the recent release of the Sun and Moon games, of course he wanted a Pikachu cake! It was my own fault really. I asked the loaded question...Hey Ari, what kind of cake do you want? I mean, come on, you can't ask an almost six year old a question like that and then say no. Actually, if his mom had her way he would have been twirling and coming out of a split-open Pokeball with lights and buttercream explosions. Settle down now.

The bottom is three 8" vanilla and rainbow cakes covered in buttercream and fondant to look somewhat like a Pokeball. Pikachu is four 4" chocolate cakes, carved and also covered in buttercream and fondant. The key to making a carved cake is to get it cold. Really cold. I put it in the freezer before stacking, after stacking/icing and after carving. After I got the fondant on I kept it in the fridge whenever I wasn't working on it. 

pikachu cake
pikachu pokemon birthdy party
pokiemon cake

So off to the party we went, transporting the two tiers separately and stacking them up when we got there. The travel is my LEAST favourite part of the whole process. I know I put the cake together in a sturdy fashion but my nerves never seem to get the memo. I'm not at ease until it's out of the house and safely on the table it will be displayed on.

Pikachu was a little worse for wear by the end of the party. A broken ear, an eaten tail and exactly eleven finger poke marks...because we all needed to check if he was real. But we brought him back home to be enjoyed later after a little dinner.... and some grape juice. Ahhh...six year old birthday parties. How did I do that seven times?

I think next time I would make it bigger. A bigger surface would have been easier to work with...AND next time, I would try not to almost drop it too :)