Silhouette or Cameo Sugar Cookies for a Barbie or Princess Party

I recently made these Silhouette sugar cookies for a little girl's 6th birthday.

As simple as the design looks, it was quite challenging to figure out just how to go about decorating them.

I had thought originally that I would do the entire cookie in royal icing then decided to do them in fondant.... but in the end decided on a fondant base, hand painted detail and topping it with a fondant bow.

To cover the 6's I coloured the fondant pink, rolled it out and cut the six using the same cookie cutter I used when making the cookies.

To put the detail (the Silhouette or head) first I drew an outline of the head with black edible marker. I then painted in the head using a mixture of vanilla with black food gel added. I carefully went around the outline with my "paint" and then filled it in, smoothing it out as I went along.

When I finished painting the details I made tiny pink bows using the same fondant I had coloured to cover the cookies. I attached the bows to the cookies using a tiny bit of water.

Hand painting the design meant that no two cookies were EXACTLY the same. To me, that was perfectly fine since no two girls are exactly alike either!