When I'm at the gym, I tend to mind my business. I tune out a lot of the chatter and try not to listen to the conversations around me.

BUT.... today I couldn't help myself.

A group of ladies were talking about things that they'll never get done. Life things. Achievements, dreams, wishes, etc. Then, one of the women says that she made a bucket list at the age of eighteen and has done all of them (including a PhD!) except one....

The one thing she hadn't done was to teach an aerobics class.

This inspires me.

That she had the forethought to make a bucket list at eighteen. That she had accomplished her academic an ivy league university. That she was making her own rules and following through.

The chatter proceeded to be most of the women going on about how it's too late now and that they'll be dead before they get it done. And with a quick turn of the head and a gentle smile the woman with the almost complete bucket list says....

It's never too late. It's the journey.

Live your life by your terms. Honour your wants.