The Last Minute Surprise Party

We found out, quite by accident, that the best way to keep a surprise party a secret is to not tell anyone...not even the guests.

Every year my daughter throws a huge birthday party for my grand-daughter. These things could rival many stage shows. Never fails to impress. But this year they decided to have a small family affair.

Yeah right...

The Purse Cake

At around 2:30pm, the afternoon of said family get-together, I received a call from my daughter. My grand-daughter was already at our house. Her mom wanted to pick up a few things at the store and my grand-daughter was helping me put the finishing touches on her requested custom "purse cake". So...when I answered the phone my daughter said, "Do you think it would be a crazy idea to invite everyone and have a surprise party today instead?"

Naturally I responded with, "A surprise party today? That's a GREAT idea! I'll make more cupcakes."

I knew by the tone in her voice that she had pretty much already decided to have the bigger, better surprise party and was just confirming that she would have the necessary backup to pull this off in four hours. I am pretty sure she called me with helium balloons and tiara's in hand. 

Chocolate cupcakes

First of all, you have to understand, our family and friends are the type who would have stopped by at some point any ways - knowing it was my grand-daughters birthday. Anyone who really mattered didn't mind coming on such short notice. So we all updated our BBM statuses, made a few calls and the RSVP's started coming in. People we didn't even think of gave the nod. The beautiful thing one had time to slip up and accidentally say something about the party in front of her. Sometimes, people give subtle hints without even realizing it. This was genius. Everyone would have shown up regardless, now it was just organized.

As promised, the guests started to arrive. Everyone pitched in and prepared platters of food.

So at exactly 6:30pm, with a house full of friends and family, I gave the signal. I BBM'd - "the eagle is ready to take flight". Silly yes but my grand-daughter DOES know how to read. This was the final thing we had to do. Couldn't slip up now. My daughter came to pick up the birthday girl for her "pretend" meet-up with a friend before dinner. We ran over to their house, gave the signal. "We're making pie". With that my daughter made up an excuse to head back to their house quickly - they "forgot" something.

Four minutes later we see the headlights light up the room. The anticipation was tangible. "Oh no!", someone whispers, "What do we say? Surprise? Or Happy Birthday?" Lol. It was comical. As the car door closed someone took charge and yelled/whispered "Surprise, okay?"...Okay. All thumbs up.

Twenty seconds later....

The birthday girl on

the left with her beat friend.

The lights came on, surprise was screamed, Super Bass was playing and for some reason someone was throwing confetti made of torn napkins in the air (hilarious actually). The birthday girl was overwhelmed.

I had to give my daughter a high-five for pulling this off in four hours.

For the next few hours we celebrated, talked, laughed and ate cake. That's what it's really about isn't it?

Happy Celebrating!

Cake details:

  • Purse - Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Covered with fondant. Accessories made of gumpaste. Cake board covered in fondant.

  • Cupcakes - Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream icing, topped with gumpaste hearts imprinted with "m", brushed with edible silver dust.