I have a super easy, fairly quick Halloween cookie design for you! 

I started off with a "onesie" cookie cutter and some sugar cookie dough. I also whipped up about 8 cups of royal icing coloured with black, green, purple and orange gel paste. 


You could easily draw this design on any shape cookie like a square or circle but I was looking at the onesie cutter and thinking about how my elf leg cookies would fit nicely on this cutter at Christmas but then thought why wait...I can make a witch leg design using the same method.

witch halloween cookies
halloween cookies

For each design layer I let it crust over before adding another detail EXCEPT for the legs. You want to add all the colours at once when making the striped leg before they crust over or harden so that it's smooth. I also used the same technique for the polka dot base for the cookies just above and below. I added the polka dots while the base colour was wet and workable. Sam for the webs. Then, I added the additional details once that was dry. It is especially important to let the "bubbles" of the cauldron crust enough so that you get the effect of each bubble.

halloween cookies